Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Harris Teeter General FAQ

General FAQ

About Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ruddick Corporation, is a food market chain that operates 177 retail stores in the eight-state area of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, Deleware and Florida.

They are headquartered in Matthews, NC and currently have approximately 18,000 employees.

What is the link to Harris Teeter's website?
Harris Teeter - Your Neighborhood Food Market

How can I find a store by me?
Check the store locator:
Harris Teeter - Store Locator

Does Harris Teeter have a store card?
Yes, it is called the VIC card (Very Important Customer). You must sign up to for one in order to get the sale prices and for your coupons to double.

It also gives you automatic entry into VIC sweepstakes and special promotions where you can win great prizes, valuable rewards and FREE groceries. Your year to date savings will also be listed at the bottom of your receipt every time you shop.

How do I get a VIC card?
You can either sign up for a card in the store, or you can sign up online and one will be mailed to you.
Harris Teeter - eVIC

In addition to receiving sale prices and doubling coupons, is there any other incentive to having a VIC card?
Yes, sign up for E-Vic which is a weekly email every Wednesday that includes the sale ad and a special sale on one product that is only available if you sign up. The discount is automatically taken at the register, no coupons to clip or carry. Other than the single e-mail on Wednesday mornings, you will not receive any other e-mails or spam.

When do the sales ads run?
Sales begin on Wednesday and end on Tuesday evening at midnight.

Does Harris Teeter have an express shopping service & what is it?
Yes, HT does have an express shopping service. You can place your order online and then pick it up at the store at a later date/time. Also, you can use coupons for this service! You just turn in the coupons when you pick up your order & they will come off of your next online purchase.

Is there a way to find out prices without visiting Harris Teeter?
YES! This is a great feature of the Express Lane shopping service mentioned above. You can go there and look up prices of items. This can save alot of legwork! If you are not lucky enough to have a store in your immediate vicinity, then just click on the nearest store; the prices might be slightly off, but you’ll get a good idea on prices!

Express Lane:
Harris Teeter - Express Lane

Does Harris Teeter issue rainchecks?
Yes. The best part about HT's rainchecks? They do not expire! And you can use them at any Harris Teeter.

Is there a limit to the number of items a raincheck is for?
Yes. There is a 3 quantity limit (or 6 for BOGO items). However, HT will exceed this limit if the sale advertises 5 for $5 or 10 for $10; in these cases you can get up to 5 or 10 items, just point out the wording of the ad to the customer service rep.

What type of coupons does Harris Teeter accept?
HT accepts manufacturer’s coupons, winetags, catalina's, internet printables, blinkies, as well as competitors coupons $/$ coupons. Please note HT changed their coupon policy and will no longer take Target and Food Lion internet printables or competitor's store coupons for $ off a specific items.

Does Harris Teeter double coupons?
Yes! HT will double up to a face value of $.99 everyday. That means a .50 coupon is worth $1, a .75 coupon is worth $1.50. They changed their policy and now say they will double/triple internet printables.

What about the coupons that say “DO NOT DOUBLE” at the top?
Generally coupons that start with “5” (look at the numbers by the barcode) will automatically double and coupons that start with “9” will not.

Are there other rules/restrictions for doubling?
1) They will double up to three identical items with manufacturer coupon; additional coupons for like item will be honored at face value. This is an important distinction. Many times the cashiers and supervisors are unaware of this distinction & lets say you have 5 $.75 coupons, will say they can only accept 3 of them. If this happens, tell them they need to reread their policy; that their policy is they will only double 3 like coupons, the other 2 will scan at .75.

2) They will only double 20 coupons per day per household with your Vic card. After 20 coupons, the register will automatically stop doubling. Your best bet is to hand over your .99 or less qs first to make sure they double, then $1 and up or FREEs.

3) No expired coupons.

4) No internet printables for "FREE" items. Limit of 2 IP's per product, per store visit, per day. They will not accept IP’s that do not appear to be originals or do not scan. The 2 IP rule is often misread by shoppers and cashiers alike as only 2 IPs per trip. This is not so, it is 2 per manufactuer. So if you buy 2 Kellogg's items, you can use 2 IPs, 2 P&G products you can use 2 IPs, and so on.

5) They accept only ONE coupon for Buy One Get One Free items

6) According to Harris Teeter's written policy, you can only double 20 coupons per day per household. So NO multiple trips during triples.

Here is a link to the actual written coupon policy:
Harris Teeter - Coupon Policy

Catalina Promotions:
From time to time Harris Teeter will run a catalina promotion. A catalina is a coupon that prints out at the registers and is good on your next order. These deals can be combined with coupons to make them an even better deal.

My Catalina coupon didn't print what should I do?

A1: Go to the customer service desk and explain (generally I like to have a copy of the promotion from the website in hand so I have proof). Many times HT customer service will issue you cash on the spot.

A2: 1-888-8coupon, option 3

A3: use the online form: Contact
Catalina Marketing

Triples FAQ
Does Harris Teeter have Triples?
YES! It varies by region but it seems Harris Teeter has been running triples about every 2 months or so. They usually start at 7 am on a Thursday and end at midnight on Saturday or Sunday. Please note 24 hour stores DO NOT start tripling after midnight.

Can I get overage at Harris Teeter?
HT recently changed their computers and we are no longer getting overage.

How many trips can I make a day?
The stated policy is limit of 20 coupons per day per household. If your store allows you to do something else, please do not POST about it on HCW. All post will be deleted and a warning or infraction given.

What are the coupon limits?
They are the same as regular doubles.

Can I use rainchecks during triples?
Yes, you can. This is one of my favorite money saving strategies - I always ask for a raincheck if one flavor/kind, etc is out and save them for triples. Also, if an item is out of stock during triples, you can get a raincheck for the sale price, but you can’t get a raincheck for the triple coupon part of it.

My coupon says “Do Not Double.” Will it triple?
At Harris Teeter if the barcode starts with the "5" it will triple. If it starts with a "9" it will not.

Do they restock product?
Yes. Harris Teeter restocks their product through out triples. If your store is out of the product ask them to check in the back or ask when their next truck comes in and what time they restock.