Thursday, October 21, 2010

NEW Safeway Coupon Policy

I was reading The Krazy Coupon Lady about how Safeway has finally introduced JustU e-coupons to the rest of the US where it used to be offered to just Hawaii.

I attempted just what Krazy suggested, and although the website walked me through every step, including the selection of coupons, it finally popped up with a message saying “not available in your area”.  Stinks.

She proceeds with the following information regarding the amended coupon policy:

What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?

The Good News:  The Just4U eCoupon site, previously for residents of Hawaii only, is now open to all Safeway Club Card Members!  This is very exciting, so go sign up!  You do NOT need your club card number in order to sign up; you may just use your phone number.  After signing up, click on “Personalized Deals” and load your Free dozen eggs coupon to your card!

The Bad News: You can no longer use an eCoupon with a paper (printable or newspaper) manufacturer coupon.  I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a couple years now, and I’m not upset about it.  It’s not gonna kill us and we’ll still be able to get good deals.  Safeway registers will not accept an eCoupon and a manufacturer coupon.  If you give you preferred card first, the eCoupons will be deducted and the cashier will be unable to redeem your paper coupons.  If you hand your coupons over before entering club card, once entering the club card, your total will go down and then back up as the eCoupons are grayed out on the screen.  My ONLY complaint is that this is causing problems using an in-ad coupon and eCoupon together, (going to do some digging/emailing and get back with more details).

More Good News:  Safeway has amended their coupon policy again regarding acceptance of Catalinas printed at other stores (should include Register Rewards).  Can’t wait to see how this unfolds!  It looks to me like they will accept Catalinas from other stores, which would include, Target, Walgreens, Albertsons, Kroger or any other store that prints catalina!  (Rite Aid and CVS are not Catalina run programs.)

Old Rule #9 Safeway will accept valid Catalina manufacturer coupon that is issued to a customer by another retailer only if such coupon is for a specific item.


New Rule #9 Safeway will accept valid Catalina manufacturer coupons that are issued to a customer by another retailer.