Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Can Purchase Whole Coupon Inserts

Here’s an idea of the cost on http://wholecouponinserts.com/:

(1-16) 10-pack Smart Source only

(1-16) 10-pack Smart Source only

No purchase limits

No processing fees

Coupons are not clipped

Located in Florida

They ship orders within 24 hours of order submitted. Orders made before 11:00 am are guaranteed to ship same day.  Saturday shipping deadline is 10:00 am for Saturday shipping.

Shipping of a 10-pack as listed above would likely be around $3.00.

They provide the coupon inserts at no charge; you are paying for their time. The price of the inserts is for labor to collect and mail inserts. You are only paying for the labor involved not the inserts.