Thursday, July 8, 2010

Appliance Rebates in Your Area


Go to and choose the kind of appliance you want, then type in your zip code. The site, which aggregates cash-back offers from manufacturers, retailers, utility companies, and others in your area, will provide all the forms you need to obtain each rebate. You can get hundreds of dollars back for recycling an old fridge and buying a new, energy-efficient one.

Here's what the website has to say to benefit us:
Shopping for an energy-efficient appliance? Fill in your zip code and use our easy drop down list and interactive form to choose the type of appliance you are looking for. If you know the model number of the appliance you want, you can add that too. Our system lets you compare prices for an appliance among major retailers and manufacturers across the country, AND tells you every rebate that’s available in your area for each appliance.

Want to know exactly how much money you will save by replacing your clunker with an energy-efficient appliance? We give you YOUR ACTUAL ENERGY costs for each appliance, based on gas and electric costs in your zip code. Once you’ve added your zip code, all you have to do is place your cursor over the appliance you are interested in to view the operating cost of your chosen appliance in your location.

Print and redeem rebates right here! No need to go to multiple sites to print out rebates – it is all right here on! Once you’ve found the appliance you want, you can actually buy it online from one of our affiliated retailers, or go visit the store to purchase. Then simply use our easy, interactive database to fill in your appliance model and zip code. Fill in your contact and product information only once—we’ll PRE-FILL ALL YOUR APPLICABLE REBATE FORMS and you can print them directly off of our website—along with instructions on how to redeem them!
Thanks, Oprah!