Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MARCAL “Small Steps” Promotions

Have you ever redeemed those coupons for a FREE roll of TP or $1.00 off paper towels by Marcal that we’ve seen the coupon inserts?  I redeem them every single time I see them [my area only sells the single rolls at Super Fresh and Staples carries the multi-packs].

Marcal is dedicated to 100% recycled materials in their products.  “In fact, if every US family switched just one of their paper purchases to Marcal® Small Steps®, together we could Save 1 Million trees!”

Their 100% premium recycled eco friendly products are hypoallergenic, virtually lint free, and whitened without chlorine bleaching. Small Steps® bath tissue, towels, napkins and facial tissue contain just the right combination of strength, absorbency and softness to handle every job.

Every now and then they release IPs so sign up for their email updates here: MARCAL WEBSITE